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About Olimp Construction

Welcome to Olimp Construction, a Costa Brava-based construction company that has been working for over 8 years in the field all over Cataluña. We offer a personalised approach in Spanish, Ukrainian, English, and Russian. 

Our experts bring diverse knowledge, from local laws expertise to intricate design concepts. Our team is skilled in handling all types of construction work while our managers provide effective 24/7 communication.


Your journey with us starts with a specialist visiting your site to evaluate the work and draft technical specifications. After that, we develop detailed estimates, timeframes and vision for your project. Once you're satisfied, we'll solidify our commitment with a contract and proceed with the work. 


We coordinate with local authorities to ensure that the timing of construction and repair works comply with regulations and local considerations which allows us to deliver on time. We carefully choose materials and workers to guarantee that every part of the project meets our high standards and your vision.

Renovated Interior of a house
Renovated Interior of a house
Renovated Exterior of a house

Olimp Construction works in close partnerships with leading manufacturers in the building materials industry allowing us to deliver our services at competitive prices, making high-quality construction accessible and rapid.


But our expertise doesn't stop at that. We also offer partnerships with material producers to expand our network creating win-win relationships. Olimp offers innovative high-tech affordable modular housing solutions that can be placed on any terrain in no time. 


In addition to that we are distributors of furniture and construction materials, thanks to our direct association with global manufacturers. Our company has substantial resources enabling us to lease construction equipment and machinery. 


We are proud of our all-inclusive approach which enables us to deliver projects effectively, with no delays and with no compromises.

Do not hesitate to contact us at or call +34 698 99 93 09.

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